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You know the drill.

Downtown Plymouth
Canon PowerShot S95, 2018.

💻 Polly Balitro made some stunning photographs while on honeymoon in Portugal. Have a look! Read 03-16.11.2018 — Portugal

💻 Few outside the US military have consumed a Meals Ready to Eat (MRE). Ashley Pomeroy eats one — the chicken-and-noodles version — and reviews it so you don’t have to. Read MRE Menu 3: Chicken, Noodles, and Vegetables, in Sauce

📷 I miss Kodak Plus-X. So I was excited when Alex Luyckx tested a film that looks very much like it to me. Turns out it’s Svema 100. Read Film Review Blog No. 29 – Svema Foto 100

📷 I’m keen on reviews of small 35mm cameras as I look to find the perfect pocketable camera. Gaston W., writing for 35mmc, reviews the tiny Minox 35 GT. Read A Minox 35 GT review – a true pocket camera


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  1. jacullman Avatar

    Kept my dad’s tiny rollei 35 rangefinder. His shooting experience with it seemed less than pleasant. Lots of grumbling and fiddling with the controls and swearing at the lens cap that didn’t fit. I figured his “man hands.” were too large for such a compact instrument. Well… I was wrong. It’s the camera. Nice looking, small, lots of features. But it’s a horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE little thing. So disappointed! He had a smaller Minox that even a kindergartner could shoot. Don’t know what happened to it. I think he might have given it to my older sister.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I owned a Rollei 35 B for a while, a simpler version of the 35. It was such a pain that I can only imagine how much worse the 35 must be!

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