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On this last Saturday of the year, enjoy these blog posts I liked best from the last full week of the year.

💻 I’m a fairly anxious person by nature. Several years ago I realized that I often labeled excitement as anxiety, and it was blocking me from enjoying genuine excitement! This blogger, who doesn’t give her name, wrote about her own realization of the same thing — and how she pushed through it. Read Anxiety, Excitement, and Looking For My Knickers

Jet Tail
Yashica-D, Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros, 2013.

📷 Stephen Dowling reviews the Lomo Lubitel 166U, a twin-lens reflex camera. It’s probably the least expensive way to get into TLR photography — and the camera takes crackerjack photos. Read Lomo Lubitel 166U review

💻 I’ve been thinking lately about how few of us are truly remarkable, standing out in some way from everyone else — but how we all wish somehow that we could be. Johanna Rothman challenges you to think of how you might already be remarkable, and offers some surprising thoughts about how you can show the rest of the world. Read What Makes You Remarkable


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