Lilly Lake, Eagle Creek Park *EXPLORED*

Autumn at Lilly Lake
Canon Canonet QL17 G-III
Agfa Vista 200

This photo was featured in Flickr Explore on November 19. It’s always fun to see all the likes and comments when one of my photos makes Explore.

I wonder how many Flickr viewers had any idea that I was shooting film? To know, they’d only have to click through to my image’s page and read the description.

Can an experienced eye guess that this is a film photograph? To me, the sky is the tell. It has a nuance to it that digital cameras seem unable to capture. They tend to render skies almost too perfectly, with wispy clouds against a sea of perfect azure.

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Film Photography

single frame: Autumn at Lilly Lake



11 thoughts on “single frame: Autumn at Lilly Lake

  1. Dan Cluley says:

    I’m curious how much photoshop work went into this one? I’ve had trouble getting a good balance between the exposure of the actual scene and the reflection. There seems to be quite a bit of difference in the sky, but the trees seem pretty close.

  2. Pretty obviously a film shot, I think, even without viewing the image full size. I don’t object to the textureless rendition of digital images, but it is not something that really adds value for me.
    You get very nice images from that Canon. There was quite a demand for them for a long while in pre-digital days. I acquired one thinking I might take it on a trip to Greece, but I could not see any difference in image quality from my Olympus 35rc and it was quite a bit bulkier. I also found a small problem with the batteries, and I ended up returning the camera.

    • There’s still quite a demand for these Canonets. Have you seen what they cost on the used market, even in less than perfect working condition?

      I think my “everyday rangefinder” will be my Olympus XA because it’s so pocketable. I’ve got film in my Konica Auto S2 now and its operation isn’t wowing me — unless the pics are amazing it might not survive. Haven’t shot my Yashica Lynx 14e as part of Operation Thin the Herd yet — it’s big and clumsy but the lens is sublime and it might keep its spot in my collection just for that reason. After that, I’ll have shot all of my rangefinders.

  3. Martin Cutrone says:

    I agree with your comments about the sky. Hard to get a realistic look to the sky on digital. It just looks too perfect. Love this photo.

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