Recommended reading

It’s December 9th. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? If not, let these Best Blog Posts of the Week be a balm.

💻 Do you think $300 is a lot of money? Seth Godin says that your answer might change depending on the context — that value depends on a number of variables. Read Situational spending

State Theater
Canon PowerShot S95, 2018.

💻 Venture capitalist Fred Wilson writes a useful article on litigating in corporate America: when to do it, and to accept that you might be right and lose anyway. I think this is a useful guide on when and how hard to fight back on anything. Read Litigation

💻 Sign fans really need to check out Debra Jane Seltzer’s great new book, Vintage Signs of America. Denny Gibson reviews it on his blog this week. Read Book Review: Vintage Signs of America

📰 I was born in August and was thus the youngest boy in my school class. All the way through my maturity lagged my peers, some of whom were a full year older than me. I turned out all right, but I’ve always wondered how my life would have been different had my parents held me back a year so I could mature. Now there’s evidence that this lagging maturity might be inappropriately diagnosed, and treated, as ADHD. It makes me glad I was a kid in the ’70s before Ritalin. From the New York Times. Read The Link Between August Birthdays and ADHD


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