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It’s December 9th. Have you finished your Christmas shopping? If not, let these Best Blog Posts of the Week be a balm.

πŸ’» Do you think $300 is a lot of money? Seth Godin says that your answer might change depending on the context — that value depends on a number of variables. Read Situational spending

State Theater
Canon PowerShot S95, 2018.

πŸ’» Venture capitalist Fred Wilson writes a useful article on litigating in corporate America: when to do it, and to accept that you might be right and lose anyway. I think this is a useful guide on when and how hard to fight back on anything. Read Litigation

πŸ’» Sign fans really need to check out Debra Jane Seltzer’s great new book, Vintage Signs of America. Denny Gibson reviews it on his blog this week. Read Book Review: Vintage Signs of America

πŸ“° I was born in August and was thus the youngest boy in my school class. All the way through my maturity lagged my peers, some of whom were a full year older than me. I turned out all right, but I’ve always wondered how my life would have been different had my parents held me back a year so I could mature. Now there’s evidence that this lagging maturity might be inappropriately diagnosed, and treated, as ADHD. It makes me glad I was a kid in the ’70s before Ritalin. From the New York Times. Read The Link Between August Birthdays and ADHD


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