A gentle plug for my two books as Christmas nears

Books of my photography make great gifts for yourself, or for the photographer in your life!

My newest book, Textures of Ireland, collects black-and-white photographs I made on a 2016 trip to the emerald isle. If you like travel photography, or rich black-and-whites, you’ll enjoy this book.

From the book’s introduction: “We rented a car and drove to Ireland’s northern tip. Over several days we slowly made our way back to Galway, passing through Portrush, Letterkenny, Donegal, Ardara, Killybegs, Sligo, Ballinrobe, Clifden, and Oughterard. The beach town of Barna, a short distance from Galway City, was our home base for the next several days.

“I chose T-Max for its low grain and well-managed contrast, in its ISO 400 form so I could confidently make photographs in a wide range of available light. I had no idea it would yield photographs so rich in detail you want to touch them, and when you do you’re surprised that your fingers can’t feel the textures.”

Textures of Ireland, 36 pages, $14.99 plus shipping. Printed on demand at Blurb.com.

My first book, Exceptional Ordinary, is a collection of images I’ve made with my favorite film camera, the Pentax ME.

From the book’s introduction: “You can realistically expect any working 35mm SLR to perform well. With rare exception, they come with good features and optics. … Get even a basic body in working condition and even an entry-level prime lens like a 50mm f/2 and you can make wonderful photographs for years.

“I didn’t know any of that when I went looking for my first SLR. I simply wanted a Pentax K1000, as it was the SLR I knew best. I was once married to a pro photographer who did wonderful work with hers. … But even 20 years after the venerated K1000 went out of production, prices on the used market were more than I was willing to pay. But I kept coming upon another Pentax SLR, the ME, and they sold for peanuts. And it took all of the same lenses as the K1000. So I bought one. And I fell in love with it.”

Exceptional Ordinary, 44 pages, $14.99 plus shipping. Printed on demand at Blurb.com.


4 responses to “A gentle plug for my two books as Christmas nears”

  1. Sam Avatar

    It makes even more a must to buy this now knowing you used T-Max 400 one of my favorite films!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      T-Max 400 might just be my favorite B/W!

  2. Heide Avatar

    If I may put in a plug for your plug: Both of these books are beautiful, Jim! I’ve been a fan of your writing and photography for years, but “Exceptional Ordinary” still blew me away. There is such a beautiful intimacy to the images that looking through the book almost feels like taking on a bit of your life experience through osmosis. And “Textures of Ireland”? What can I say, except for WOW. That’s what my colleague — a certain Mr. O’Sullivan, who misses his Emerald Isle — said too, so now I need to buy myself another copy.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Well gosh, Heather, I should hire you to be my marketing department! Thank you so much.

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