I’d miss some great photographs were it not for the iPhone in my pocket

It’s not a new idea, not even on this blog, that having a smartphone in your pocket is pretty great when you come upon a photographable scene but have no other camera with you. Here are some such scenes from the last several months that my iPhone let me capture.

Margaret and I were on an impromptu date night Downtown. We had a little dinner but weren’t ready to go home yet, so we walked the Circle toward a swanky little basement martini bar we like.

Circle Tower

I had to run to Meijer for something one evening, and this was the sunset. We do get some spectacular sunsets here on the western edge of Zionsville.


Margaret and I were visiting Holliday Park, a favorite photo destination when I lived in Indianapolis. They’ve fully renovated The Ruins, a focal point of the park. That’s where you’ll find this turtle and his turtlettes.


One day I’ll go back and do The Ruins justice with a camera, but for now you get these two tiny glimpses, above and below.

Cost of labor

Hey, look! It’s a book about me!

A book about me

Margaret and I were in Broad Ripple on our anniversary weekend. This building with the chair painted on it has found itself in my viewfinder many times.

In Broad Ripple

We returned to Broad Ripple a few weeks later for an event, which was on the roof of a building on “the strip.” I got this bird’s-eye view of Broad Ripple Avenue.

The Strip in Broad Ripple

This is the mail station in our neighborhood. It was beautifully lit this evening.

The mail building

I came upon this winged fellow on an evening walk.


Let’s end this with Honest Abe.



18 responses to “I’d miss some great photographs were it not for the iPhone in my pocket”

  1. traveller858 Avatar

    Many years ago I asked a photographer what he thought the best camera was. His reply was “the one you have with you”. No other counts for anything. How true!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The one you have with you can certainly make some kind of photograph, which is better than no camera at all!

  2. richardhunter001 Avatar

    Mobile phones are very convenient. They take fabulous quality photos (like your mailhouse shot, I like the way the light falls across the building) without any of the cost or hassle of film photography, and without the need to carry a camera. But……. from an enjoyment point of view, it’s not as enjoyable for me as film photography, possibly because I have invested less in the photo. No logic in that whatsoever, but as it’s my hobby, it needs no logic. But as you said, damn handy when you don’t have your camera!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      For me it’s how the phone feels in the hand as a camera. I struggle with my iPhone to hold it vertically level, and then I always fumble to press the shutter button. If the experience were better I might use it more often!

  3. traveller858 Avatar

    Yes I agree with regards to holding/using a phone or any camera that expects you to look at a screen whilst composing your shot.
    I guess it’s the aging process or not keeping up with the times.
    Although modern cameras do require a degree of new skills to maximise your output.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Let me riff on that for a minute. Even though I really love my Canon S95, its screen-only composing doesn’t always do it for me. I picked up a DSLR (a Pentax K10d) fairly inexpensively last year and use it now as much as I use the S95 — because it has a proper viewfinder.

  4. Nancy Stewart Avatar
    Nancy Stewart

    Jim, I think these are wonderful photos …. the sunlight on the buildings in some of them is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      You’re welcome!

  5. DougD Avatar

    Wonderful photos. And a swanky basement martini bar. You certainly are the Gentleman from Indiana.

    I think I need to go somewhere swanky with Mrs DougD soon, haven’t done that in a while. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      The bar is called Nicky Blaine’s, and it is all comfy couches and velvet. Extensive martini list. Very fun.

  6. mellonicoley Avatar

    The mail station image is particularly beautiful

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Dirty secret: used a Snapseed preset to bring out the delicious light a little more.

  7. susanJOY Hosken Avatar
    susanJOY Hosken

    Jim, Loved seeing the photo of you and Margaret. also loved “the winged fellow” …such a wonderful dragonfly. I love dragonflies and have a lot of art of them in my home xoxo susanJOY

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      We’re all dragonfly fans here too!

  8. Sam Avatar

    Hi Jim great post and you guys look great!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks Sam!

  9. analogphotobug Avatar

    As they say, The Best Camera that you have, is the Camera that you have with you!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      If for no other reason that you’d get no photograph otherwise!

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