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Before I jump into this week’s best blog posts, let me shamelessly plug my new book again. Textures of Ireland is a tour of several northern and western counties in Ireland, showing the rich depth of its countryside and its towns. It’s available as a bound book and as a PDF. Click here to go to the page where you can buy! Here’s an outtake from the book:

Ardara, Ireland

The PDF is just $4.99 — a super easy price. The bound book is $14.99 plus shipping — still not bad. Click here and get your copy today!

And now, this week’s blog posts:

Jeff Bezos of Amazon lacks character, says Scott Galloway, and the HQ2 con proves it. Yes, con: Bezos has long had homes within a 20-minute drive of the two cities chosen for HQ2. Read HQ2 … and 3

Writing for 35mmc, Frank H. Wu argues that it is simultaneously easier and harder to make photographs today, despite the ubiquity of highly competent cameras. Read Is it Easier or Harder to Take Photographs Now

Noticing changes in French culture, after living there 40 years ago and visiting recently, Peter Barker enjoyed the spontaneity but missed the formality of former years. He shares a terrific candid shot of some Parisians dancing to jazz. A post on the terrific Physical Grain blog. Read Le Bal

A camera review on the wonderful Casual Photophile site is always an event. And they didn’t mess around this time: they went straight to the venerable Nikon F2. Author Josh Solomon even gives a concise history of Nikon’s pro SLRs leading up to its release. Read Nikon F2 Camera Review — Nikon’s Pro SLR Evolves

Paul Lovell shoots the gorgeous Nikon S rangefinder and declares it a joy. Read Nikon S

“There are more things…that frighten us than injure us, and we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca


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  1. Heide Avatar

    Another great round-up, Jim! The Bezos story was fascinating — talk about an astute observation! If Galloway’s theory is correct, we should have much less trouble sussing out where the (almost inevitable) third headquarters will be located. Loved Frank Wu’s piece too, as it’s a question I struggle with often in this age of Photoshop and Instagram. My opinion: It’s easier to take a good photograph now … but it’s much harder to have it stand out as a good photo. And Peter Barker’s photo essay? Well, you know I’m a sucker for anything involving Paris. :) Thank you for these great reads.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I discovered the Galloway blog just a few weeks ago – it’s power-packed every week. So well written, so insightful! I’m so happy you always enjoy my Saturday roundup.

  2. TBM3FAN Avatar

    Interesting deductions about Bezos and we will know soon enough. Should they be right then all will know about his character. I agree with the author about Detroit in being a game changer. Not only for Detroit but the larger surrounding region. It would have benefited not only Detroit but the country as a whole. I will say I am glad he stayed out of the Bay Area as we need less of his type around here.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      HQ2 would have been a game changer for any number of cities in flyover country. A shame it didn’t go to one of them.

  3. Sagar Avatar


  4. TBM3FAN Avatar

    Already the speculation begins. Tech is definitely a love/hate relationship. There is both good and bad to tech. It can make people’s lives easier yet on the other hand make people’s lives uneasy. If you, as a resident, happen to live near a potential site where tech wants to land then you have a problem.

    That problem has been illustrated vividly out my way in the entire San Francisco Bay Area due to “Silicon Valley.” Should you have an ordinary job and live near Google or Facebook then you are SOL in being able to stay where you have lived for years. To move into an region like downtrodden Detroit makes sense but into a region doing well then not so much for ordinary folk.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’m so happy that I, as a geek, ended up in the software industry in middle America. So much less money to pollute things. I have a good life here.

  5. Sam Avatar

    Some great reads Jim thanks for this!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      My pleasure!

  6. Sagar Avatar

    TBM3FAN,can you respond to my invitation?

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I’d like it very much if you would not use my blog as a way of recruiting help for yours. Thank you.

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