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My new book: Textures of Ireland

Ireland is a country of color — especially green, in astonishing shades across its rolling countryside.

texturesofirelandcover1.pngYet I shot black-and-white film all over that country, looking for light and shadow. What I got was a set of images with such texture that you want to touch them. When you do, you’ll be surprised not to feel the textures in your fingertips, as if they were pressed into the pages in relief.

My new book, Textures of Ireland, shares the best of my black-and-white photographs. You’ll see scenes from Northern Ireland in the region where the show Game of Thrones is filmed, country scenes from Ireland’s rich northern and eastern counties, as well as ruins and modern architecture from cities and towns.

I’m offering my book in two ways: a traditional paper book printed on demand at, or as a PDF. The PDF is the fastest and least expensive way to see my book — but the textures come out best by far in print. I hope you’ll buy a copy today!

Textures of Ireland by Jim Grey, 36 pages, published via

TexturesOfIrelandIcon Textures of Ireland Book

A copy of my book, Textures of Ireland, printed on demand and mailed to you from

$14.99 plus shipping


Textures of Ireland PDF

A copy of my book, Textures of Ireland, as a PDF — which I will email within 24 hours to the address you provide.



12 thoughts on “My new book: Textures of Ireland

  1. Yep, You’d better fix that link quick or they’ll be coming for you with torches and sharp farm instruments. Also, I’m looking forward to adding to my Jim Grey library collection.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed the photos in the book Jim. I’m a big fan of Tmax 400 too. I think if you have to choose a single film to cover a spectrum of potential shooting conditions, it’s definitely the way to go.

  3. Heide says:

    Happy to confirm the link works now! I am also looking forward in eager anticipation to expand the “Grey, Jim” section in my library. :)

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