Using hand-cut 127 film

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I bought hand-cut and -rolled 127 film from eBay user jrdnmrk for my Kodak Baby Brownie (and for my Kodak Brownie Starmatic, pictures from which I’ll share in an upcoming post).

It was a pretty good experience. The film came rolled with proper tightness. The green tape seal was easy enough to remove. The backing paper came from either this or some other roll of film, and had 127 numbering hand-marked on it. The photos below illustrate; click to see any of them larger. The last two show the film numbering inside the Baby Brownie (eight photos) and the Brownie Starmatic (twelve photos), respectively.

At the end of each roll I found a Kodak sealing band, but too far up the backing paper. So I just removed it and affixed it where I wanted it to go. Dwayne’s processed each roll with no trouble.


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  1. Joe shoots resurrected cameras Avatar

    Very cool! I have a few rolls of 127 and 828 film, one of these days I might actually get those cameras out and shoot the film ;)

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      If you have a Kodak Pony 828 I’ll bet it’ll surprise you.

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