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When Meijer (a big-box store chain in several Midwestern states) affixes this sticker to an item, it means they’re not going to carry it anymore.

On the one hand, yay! 12 rolls for the price of four! (I bought all they had left, plus four rolls of Superia X-tra 400 for the price of one.)

On the other, waaaaah! My cheap and easy source of film is no more!

No more cheap Fujicolor 200 at Meijer?


16 thoughts on “No more cheap Fujicolor 200 at Meijer?

  1. Kevin Thomas says:

    I’ve been through this with Walmart, same film, I just never found it at 75% off 😁 All of a sudden it disappeared. Hate to order film from Amazon instead of getting it locally, but a least they have it.

    • I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for Fuji consumer films — or whether the big boxes have realized there’s little market for it. The stuff I bought today is all expired now, by a month or two.

  2. analogphotobug says:

    That’s what refrigerators and freezers were made. for. Hope You Bought Lot’s. And Yes I think Fuji is wrapping up their film. Fewer films from them everyday. But hopefully Kodak E100G will pass muster and be available soon…….

  3. Dan Cluley says:

    The last slide film I shot (and will probably ever shoot) was when Meijer closed out Ektachrome. Bought two rolls, the first came out with the colors a little off, and the other is still in the box somewhere.

    Haven’t shot much film recently, but if my store has that kind of price I will stick a few rolls in the freezer for someday.

    The Argus collector group is having their annual gathering in Ann Arbor next weekend, so I will pass the word along.

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