Yet another batch of film gear for sale

If you click here to go to my For Sale page, you’ll find a smattering of cameras from my collection plus some wonderful lenses for various 35mm SLR systems.

I’ve priced everything more than fairly and included shipping costs to make it simple. If you buy more than one item I’ll cut the total price because combined shipping is less expensive!

Click here to see what’s on offer.


6 responses to “Yet another batch of film gear for sale”

  1. traveller858 Avatar

    Hey Jim. I have a question for you. Given your move to selling off part of your extensive collection. What are you going to do with all the space you create!!!!!!

    Only joking – I bet you’ll miss some of the old friends in a year or two – perhaps.


    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I have boxes of cameras blocking my bedroom floor! I’ll be happy not to trip over them anymore. I just might miss a few of them but if that happens I can just buy used ones again.

  2. Sam Avatar

    Hi Jim good luck with the sale, good stuff!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar


  3. Dan James Avatar

    Most of the Minolta stuff you’re selling are bargains Jim, hope someone snaps them up. Wonderful lenses.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I did a quick scan of eBay “sold items” for these lenses and priced them just under what I guessed the mean price was for them. Perhaps they just go for more in the uk?

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