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I do struggle to write unique and interesting introductory paragraphs for my weekly roundup of blog posts I enjoyed reading. But I’m not sure it really matters what I write here as you’re here to click the links anyway!

He had more of an adventure with the driver he hired, and his clapped-out car, than seeing the wild animals in the conservancy. But Dr. Alfred Prunesquallor said he had a great time anyway. And he came back with some lovely photos. Read Ol Pejeta

Felke Florist
Canon PowerShot S80, 2009.

A photograph of an abandoned bridge on very expired film, and a meditation on how our modern highway network has let us lose touch with the land. Eric Swanger on the effect of permanent crossings. Read Sworn with Uplifted

Leah shares some remarkable, and creepy, photos of human bones stored in catacombs beneath Paris. Bones of six million people. Read Before Us / Beneath Us

The great Berlin Typography blog considers that unsung hero, the a umlaut. Read Umlauts of Berlin, Part 2: Ä

Camera reviews and experience reports:


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