Indiana Statehouse

Indiana Statehouse at night
Canon PowerShot S95

Margaret and I stayed Downtown to celebrate our second anniversary. Our room had a commanding view of the city, including this view of the Indiana Statehouse. Lit as it was at night, it looked like a cardboard model.

The S95 did all right with the low light but I surely wish it handled lit signs better.

The Statehouse, as well as our room, were on the old National Road, later known as US 40, always known as Washington Street in Indianapolis.


single frame: Indiana Statehouse at night



9 thoughts on “single frame: Indiana Statehouse at night

  1. DougD says:

    Could be a cake too, you should have a little bride and groom statue on top.

    Congratulations on the anniversary, seems like you just got married last week (??!!)

  2. First, congratulations! Second, if you’re in the market for a digital camera that handles low light with a little more grace, I’ve got both a Fuji x100s and a GR Digital (Mark I) right now and I really don’t need both…

    • When it was new, the S95’s low-light work was considered pretty remarkable! I’m not in a place where I’m ready to spend money on a new camera just now — maybe in the next couple years. The S95 is actually still brilliant in many conditions and is a fine tool under most circumstances.

    • Yes, it does look very much like a model! Thanks for your good wishes. The anniversary was more than a month ago – just now getting to photos from that time!

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