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So many people with something to say write it down and publish it on the Internet. The Web isn’t so given over to the big corporations yet that the average person can’t do that and find at least a small audience. I aim to help them with my weekly Saturday blog-post roundup.

Mark Evanier tells a thoroughly engaging story about a comedian who died, literally died, on stage during his greatest performance. Read Second Greatest

Old McDonald's sign
Canon PowerShot S95, 2015.

Christians may think Sunday is our big day. But as David Lacy summarizes from a sermon he heard recently, it’s actually Monday — because that’s the day we go out and show the world who we belong to. Read Mondays Matter

James Tocchio, writing for Physical Grain, meditates on dead-end jobs and taking the risks to make a better life for your family. Read Worker with No Eyes

We film photographers are unhappy that Fujifilm keeps discontinuing stocks. But Frank H. Wu, writing for 35mmc, argues that this is to be expected given that film is a “long-tail” business. Read Film Photography as the “Long Tail”

Seth Godin writes about how marketing is different now in the days of niche media compared to the old days of mass media — and uses alcohol and marijuana to illustrate. Read Alcohol vs. cannabis marketing

Camera reviews and experience reports:


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  1. davidvanilla Avatar

    Thank you for directing people to the sermon notes. Hope yours is a great weekend and that you will be all prepped for Monday and another week!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I always read your sermon notes!

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