GMC 3800

1952 GMC truck
Pentax ME, 50mm f/1.7 SMC Pentax-M
Kodak Gold 200 (at EI 100)

I had Eric Hendrickson overhaul the Pentax ME body I picked up recently. When it came back, I loaded some film and took it for a test run. It handled beautifully, as expected.

I had never shot Kodak Gold 200 at EI 100 before. I’d heard that doing so tended to tame the film’s tendency toward “hot” colors. The rumors are true! Every silver lining tends to come with a dark cloud, though: well-lit areas tended to look hazy. I cleared up most of the haze (without resurrecting the “hot” colors) by reducing exposure by up to a half stop in Photoshop.

While waiting for an event to begin I took a walk along South Meridian Street in Indianapolis, where I came upon this old truck. She sure looked good in her patina, parked curbside.

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single frame: 1952 GMC truck



12 thoughts on “single frame: 1952 GMC truck

  1. Love the curves of the cars and trucks of this era – both sides of the pond. This truck looks like it hasn’t been polished since 1952 either. But I think you’ve said before you prefer an original look with classic cars rather than them restored to showroom condition?

    • PS/ Jim when you’ve had a CLA done does it include the viewfinder/focus screen? A few older cameras I’ve had have been fully functional but have an annoying scratch or smear or two when you look through the VF, which for me spoils the whole experience of using a vintage SLR with a big bright VF. Just wondered if that comes under the “Clean” part of a CLA?

      • It depends on the tech doing the work. Most techs will tell you on their sites just what they do in their CLA. Eric H. doesn’t specifically work on the VF in his CLA. I suppose that if you ask him he’ll estimate it and give you a cost though.

  2. Nice shot of that old pickup. There’s one near my home that I’m seldom able to pass by without making a picture.
    I threw in a 3-pack of Gold 200 in my last order from B&H, so I’ll keep your observation on exposure in mind when I try it.

    • These are such photogenic trucks, and they have a look that just seems perfect for the “classic truck” label. I’ll be interested to hear your impressions if you try KG200 at EI 100.

  3. In your first like you said “overhaul” and I immediately thought you were talking about the truck. LOL My bad. I sure would like to have an old truck to tinker with. Thanks for the great photo and rundown on the Pentax.

  4. DougD says:

    That’s a lot of patina without decay, a very nice truck.

    The ME looks a lot like my old Yashica FX-3

  5. TBM3FAN says:

    So you finally gave Eric a camera to work on as I remember you needed to try after I related how many of mine he had done at what is a good price. A great Pentax resource.

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