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If you ever wake up feeling unsure what day it is, if a recommended reading post is at the top of my blog you’ll know it’s Saturday. Or Sunday, because I don’t post that day. But still, you’ve narrowed it down to two out of the seven.

Big Fun

Nikon F3, 50/2 AI Nikkor, Arista Premium 400, 2014

Ming Thien with a lovely essay about how, when we travel, to ignore the social-media pressure to share everything and just be present and build memories instead. Read Le flaneur

Most of us hate giving critical feedback so much we simply avoid doing it. Lara Hogan gives a simple method for giving feedback that will help you actually do it – and do it effectively. Read Feedback Equation

When was the last time you spat a watermelon seed? When was the last time you found a seedless watermelon to be astonishingly delicious? Olli Thompson thinks about abundant and flavorful Albanian watermelons, how their export struggled to find a market because of the seeds, and how it’s a shame that our convenience and comfort makes it hard for something truly good to find a place. Read On Watermelons

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6 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. TBM3FAN says:

    The watermelon essay made me think back. For some reason I was never a fan of watermelons and it wasn’t because of the seeds. In thinking back I realized I have never seen the inside of a seedless watermelon. Gives you an idea when I last interacted with a watermelon.

    The bigger thought on commercialization of fruit does resonate. I don’t think I have actually had a great peach, plum, or nectarine since the 70’s. In fact I don’t eat them anymore. Same for a tomato unless I grow it myself. Oranges can still be decent now and then along with Fuji apples. A dry orange or apple, however, is a terrible thing.

    Ironically when I moved to the San Fernando Valley in 1966 there was an orange orchard a 1/2 mile away. When we moved to Northern California in 1972 my father’s company, California Canners and Growers, had orchards all over the Sunnyvale area. Do you know what that area is today? East of me the Brentwood area one could go out and pick fruit during the summer but now it is all “estates”. I also worked in one of my father’s tomato packing plants north of Lodi the summer of 72. Great pay but today the plant has been long closed.

    Fresh is a thing of the past, sigh…

  2. Bob Dungan says:

    When I travel stop social media and enjoy where ever we are. Much more enjoyable. Thanks for the reads.

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