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This week’s best blog posts (as judged by me):

You have only so much time in each day, and your phone and computer waste more of it than you probably realize. Michael Lopp, who writes under the pen name Rands, shares his ruthless and effective techniques for making his electronic gear suck down less of his time. Read Rands Information Practices

Madonna of the Trail

Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom, 2007

As the number of film photographers grows, counter-intuitively so does the backlash against Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS). I’m part of that backlash: I’ve owned hundreds of cameras in my lifetime but am currently thinning my herd. So is James Tocchio, who shares his excellent lessons learned along the way of collecting cameras. Read Five Lessons I’ve Learned In Five Years Of Shooting A Different Camera Every Week

Seth Godin reminds us how much of our society has changed in 58 years (tl;dr: hugely), and to expect at least the same amount of change in the next 58. (Why 58? I don’t know!) Read 58 years ago

Is there a perfect camera? Nope, says Pekka: they all have quirks. We can just learn to live with some of them, and not with others. Read Camera quirks

David Heinemeier Hansson, writing for Signal v. Noise, on why open offices suck. Read The open-plan office is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea

Camera reviews and experience reports:



8 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. TBM3FAN says:

    Jim, the Voigtlander is the Prominent not the Brillant of which the two are vastly different. I have both with the Brillant costing pennies while the Prominent was handed to me by a patient who never really used their Grandfather’s camera. Given the pristine condition, and the price of such, I would have never gone out of my way to buy it. It is a little quirky as I like to play with the camera, sans manual, and this one took some doing. Despite that the quality of the build is beyond exceptional and so are the optics.

  2. Heide says:

    Normally I read every single article you recommend (because you’re a superb curator and they’re always great). But tonight I’ve decided to stop all current activity and immediately put Mr. Lopp’s suggestions into practice. It may take some time and courage to implement step one! Thank you as always, Jim.

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