Recommended reading

Here it is, the post you’ve been waiting all week for: my weekly roundup of blog posts from around the Internet.

Rail trails are everywhere today. Susie Trexler visits the first one ever. It’s in Wisconsin. Read Railroad Reuse: The First Rails to Trails

Jet Tail

Yashica-D, Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros, 2013.

Heath McClure at Curbside Classic shares a hilarious paean to waxing your car. (I have not personally waxed a car in probably a decade.) Read QOTD: Do You Still Wax Your Car?

Ann Althouse goes on a rant about plastic straws. Not about the environmental impact, but about how banning straws hurts women. Okay, it might be a little tongue in cheek. Read What those stories about the environmental impact of straws aren’t telling you

The number of camera reviews and experience reports this week is insane! Seriously guys — tone it down out there!!


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