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On this last Saturday in June, enjoy the blog posts I liked most from around the Internet this week.

When you watch TV, the writers sometimes slip in inside jokes. TV writer Ken Levine tells some of the favorite ones he wrote in. Read Slipping inside jokes into shows

Potawatomi dancers
Canon PowerShot S80, 2010.

Philip Greenspun notes that the last time we had serious tariffs, it was a major contributing factor to the American Civil War. He wonders whether the current government bent toward tariffs will create similar discord within our nation. Read Tariffs will lead to political discord if not another Civil War?

I love it when an abandoned historic building is saved. So does Liz, who loves abandoned places in general. She photographed the inside of Michigan Central Station in Detroit, which Ford has purchased and will restore/repurpose it for office and residential use. Read Detroit: Michigan Central Station Open House

Dyslexia might exist on a spectrum (mild, moderate, severe), and mild dyslexia might not involve classic transposition of letters in words. That’s what I conclude after reading Penelope Trunk‘s post about it. Some clues of mild dyslexia (by this definition): learning to read on your own very early in life, reading a lot yet struggling with comprehension, preferring nonfiction, and writing a lot. (All true of me.) Read Do you read a lot? Then you might have dyslexia

Camera reviews and experience reports:


4 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Andrew Karlson Avatar
    Andrew Karlson

    Hi Jim–

    Just a brief post to share with you how much I appreciate your blog. I appreciate your photos, your reflections on life and your story, and I look forward to your camera review aggregations every Saturday.

    With Appreciation from WI,


    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Andrew, thank you so much for stopping by and saying so! I appreciate that you are such a faithful reader. Encouragement like yours certainly helps me keep at this!

  2. Sam Avatar

    Haven’t heard from Philip Greenspun in ages! I’m sure he’s been around if I looked but I just remember him from thanks for this!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      That’s how I found him too!

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