Addison Toll House

Addison Toll House
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Shortly after the old National Road enters Pennsylvania from Maryland, you come upon this odd little building. It was a toll house, built in the 1830s when the government turned the road over to the states through which it passed. They had to pay somehow to maintain the road, and so Pennsylvania tolled it.

A tollkeeper lived in the toll house rent free, and was paid a salary for his work.

The toll rate depended on what you were driving. And I use that term broadly: either you were driving a vehicle, usually beast-drawn, or you were driving herds. But if your vehicle had wheels wider than eight inches, it was free, because it helped compact the road.


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  1. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    I learned something new today! Thank you!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Information you will probably never be able to use, but there it is nevertheless!

  2. Reinhold Graf Avatar

    Strange things happen … my comment is gone ;(

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Well isn’t that weird. It shows up on my admin panel. Let me see if I can restore it.

    2. Jim Grey Avatar

      Found it. It’s on my 2009 post that used the same photo. Don’t know how!

      1. Reinhold Graf Avatar

        I made one comment to the toll house and on to the old bridge with the swines ;) and both had dissapeared.

          1. Reinhold Graf Avatar

            Hmm, … interresting … on my wordpress reader today I saw both posts, the toll house and the neat creature. Finally I posted a comment to the neat creature … “reminds me on a German song “Männer sind Schweine” … but this comment is … lost.

            Maybe I should lean back and relax my eyes a little bit … they’r stressed by the test shots with a Summacron today ;)

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          How strange that they appeared in your reader today – they are old posts. And as for Maenner sind Schweine, I remember this song was sort of a hit in the 80s:

          1. Reinhold Graf Avatar

            Really strange …the last two or three days I get allways two single frame posts from you in my reader. Thought you re-post some ;)

            1. Jim Grey Avatar

              I’m sending two “single frame” posts each day this week. But the two you commented on — I don’t know why those showed up in the reader as they are both quite old! Weird.

              1. Reinhold Graf Avatar

                … seems I‘m dancing the time warp ;)

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