Tired road-trip companion
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While Gracie was still alive, she rode along on my solo road trips. When I had a friend along I generally left Gracie at home as her shedding would fill the cabin with tufts of her fur and it wasn’t an experience I wanted to force on my friends. But when my friend Michael and I made this particular road trip down US 50 in Illinois, I brought Gracie anyway because otherwise I would have needed to leave her home alone far too long.

Gracie loved to go out on the road! She’d leap into the wayback of my little wagon and off we’d go. But a long road trip always wore her out. Here, we were on our way back home at the end of the trip. Michael was driving, so I turned in my seat to photograph my dog. That’s definitely her tired face.

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single frame: Tired road-trip companion



8 thoughts on “single frame: Tired road-trip companion

    • Why thank you! I almost yanked this one yesterday and replaced it with something else, as when I looked at this photo up close I could see that it suffers from a little camera shake. But the look on Gracie’s face is priceless.

  1. Heide says:

    What a sweet photo of Gracie! You’re right that her expression says it all, Jim — reminds me of my old dog Arrow, who was also a most excellent road-trip companion. So glad you took her along.

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