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Bloggy goodness from the last week:

Mitch Zeissler came upon a rare desert tortoise while driving through Death Valley, and he shares a photo he made of it. Read Desert Tortoise Versus Car

Happy student

Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80, Fujicolor 200, 2006.

We must do better than this, Heide says. I agree. Read Obligated to speak

Nick Gerlich says that our phones leave location breadcrumbs behind all the time and that this data can be sold to marketers to better target us. Well, that’s not news. That Gerlich says that this can be a good thing might well be. Read Me And My Shadow

Do you feel like you’re always hurrying? Seth Godin asks you to consider whether you need to be – and to learn to be able to turn this on and off at will. Read Are you in a hurry?

Eric Swanger on using a long photographic exposure to meditate on the surroundings, to truly take them in with all senses. Read No Hand Is Laid

Camera reviews and experience reports:


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