RH Lambo

Rose-Hulman Lamborghini
Canon AE-1 Program, 50mm f/1.8 Canon FD
Agfa Vista 200 (at EI 100)

I’m a 1989 graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. My time there prepared me well for my career in the software industry. I’ve had a pretty good career.

But not “I own a Lamborghini and show it at car shows” good. And especially not “I commute to work in my Lamborghini” good — I’ve actually fallen behind this car a time or two in Fishers as I neared the end of my morning drive.

This is a double sneak preview: I’ve given my Canon AE-1 Program the Operation Thin the Herd treatment, where I shot two whole rolls of film at a car show. Come back tomorrow for more!

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Last updated on 19 March 2020 by Jim Grey

Film Photography

single frame: Rose-Hulman Lamborghini



6 thoughts on “single frame: Rose-Hulman Lamborghini

  1. Interested on your thoughts on the AE-1, a camera many people drool over. I didn’t quite like it so much myself, especially being shutter priority, which never feels intuitive to me. Look forward to seeing whether it stays or goes. I’m guessing it’s going – your Pentax and Nikon equivalents are way better… : )

    I like the look of the Vista Plus here (as I nearly always do).

  2. Andy Umbo says:

    Actually saw a Lambo being hauled on a flat bed near Chicago recently, and the license plate said “Enzo Who”, a funny dig on Ferrari…

  3. DougD says:

    That’s Ok Jim. Whenever we see a Lambo or Ferrari being driven by a middle aged or old guy I just feel sorry for the pathos.
    I’d rather drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow any day. I had a great drive last night in the 1963 VW, I encountered my wife in our Focus on the way home and went blasting down a twisty road trying to stay ahead of her. Great fun, and never exceeded 40mph :) Whee!

    • I’m not as hard on middle-aged men with expensive cars as I used to be, now that I’m a middle-aged man. If I had that kind of money I wouldn’t spend it that way, but I do understand the drive to fulfill longtime dreams when the means finally become available.

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