At the Capitol

Ulysses S. Grant is off center
Canon PowerShot S95

When you shoot the US Capitol straight on, you discover that the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial isn’t centered before the dome.

My OCD is most displeased.


single frame: Ulysses S. Grant is off center



18 thoughts on “single frame: Ulysses S. Grant is off center

  1. Dan Cluley says:

    Playing around with Google Earth, I think that the Capitol is not quite square with the Mall. Grant, the Washington monument, and the Lincoln Memorial all seem to line up nicely, but the Capitol is offset to the north a tiny bit and possibly turned a bit as well.

  2. I think my OCD would be upset too Jim… I wonder if you do shoot it so it does line up, what the resultant image would look like, and if there’s some significance to that particular perspective?

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