Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is at its most stunning at night. It is carefully lit in a neutral bright light.

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln himself is lit in cooler light, and it highlights him. That and his immensity draw people to him.

Lincoln Memorial

If you see nothing else at the National Mall, see Lincoln. He really is compelling.

Lincoln Memorial

His space is remarkable, too, especially at night. The signs all ask for visitors quiet reverence, but even when they ignore the signs the space’s stark airiness creates that reverence in you.

Lincoln Memorial

The glass ceiling tiles are the only light that isn’t neutral or cool in this space, and they stand in contrast.

Lincoln Memorial

From here it’s easy to see the Washington Monument, itself lit in the night.

Lincoln Memorial

Canon PowerShot S95

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The Lincoln Memorial at night

A photoessay: a series on the Lincoln Memorial at night. This is when the memorial is at its most stunning.


10 thoughts on “The Lincoln Memorial at night

  1. Nancy Stewart says:

    We were there many years ago but it was during the day …. wish I could have seen it at night with the lighting. Very impressive. Thank you for sharing.


  2. SilverFox says:

    Didn’t know it was lit up like that at night. Wished I had gone visited it as I was right there after dark on July 4th 2016… opportunity missed :(
    Very nice pictures they came out stunning.
    I don’t remember those barriers on the steps when we were there I’ll have to go back and check my photos now.


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