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Welcome to May, Roadies! And welcome to my weekly blog roundup.

I am no fan of our current President, but Scott Adams may well have a point that he may have been the right man to have helped broker peace between North and South Korea and reduce the world’s threat from North Korean nukes. Adams takes some credit, as well, at which I wrinkle my nose. Read My North Korea Blog Posts – Indexed for Historians

Whitehouse No. 1

Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom, 2008

Stephen Dowling shares the 20 film-photography blogs he finds to be essential. I’m delighted that this blog made his list! Read Film photography blogs to follow

I’ve flirted with processing my own film for years, but keep not doing it because I don’t feel like I can make the time for it. Ivan Pilov felt the same way until he moved to a place with no local labs and had to process his own. He says he adapted so easily that he wishes now he’d started years ago. Read How moving to a place with no film supplies made me a better film photographer

This is just the kind of writing about photography that I aspire to, this wonderful memoir Jeb Inge wrote about taking his Nikon F100 to the American West before he moved permanently from the East Coast to Germany. In it he also compares the Nikon N90s to the F100 and calls the F100 the winner, which only makes me want one now because I love my N90s (which gets its Operation Thin the Herd treatment soon). Read Capturing the American West with a Nikon F100 and Kodak Film

This week’s camera reviews and experience reports:


5 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Thanks for the reading list this week and every week. It’s one of the highlights of my blog life (is that a thing?). Some of the recommendations lead to me bookmarking the blogs for future reading.
    I read the article about the F100 on Casual Photophile just yesterday and enjoyed it. I owned an F100 for a while and thought it was a very good camera. But then I upgraded to an F6, which is a great camera. More focus points, features, etc. The good thing about the F100, of course, is that almost no one wants one (in Korea, at least) and they can be gotten on the cheap. A used F6 costs one million won (half a month’s salary), but an F100 costs 1/3 that. Prices for hyped cameras such as the Contax T2 are mad. 800,000 Won! But I digress . . . . Anyway, I liked the F100 and love the F6.
    Thanks again for the links.

    • Wow, Marcus, thanks! I’m happy you enjoy this round up so much.

      I’ve never shot an F6 — always looked far too large for me. I’m also a skinflint and wouldn’t want to pay what they go for used. N100s and N90ses go for next to nothing here — I got my N90s for about $30.

      • Yeah, the F6 is not cheap, but the used ones seem to be in very good condition. I suspect they were bought by rich guys who abandoned them for digital very quickly. The ergonomics are good, so although the camera is largish, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. I also have an F80 that’s super light and a decent camera. I got that for almost nothing because it has less prestige than the F100.

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