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Is it spring yet, Roadies? Here are this week’s best blog posts:

Ashley Pomeroy shares a thoughtful analysis of why — and why it’s a great used console choice. Read PlayStation 3: The Negative Influence of Externalities


Canon PowerShot S95, 2012

They’re sisters, the two women in the photograph. Katherine Griffiths analyzes all the clues that make her sure of it. Read Two Sisters, Two Friends

Ming Thien considers creativity, and how it can meaningfully exist without plenty of support of several kinds. Read Creativity by the yard

In this age of large Web sites with lots of users, it’s easy to forget (and Anil Dash reminds us) that the Web was meant to be lots of little sites owned by people like you and me. Read The Missing Building Blocks of the Web

Part-time pilot Philip Greenspun tells how the pilots on the Southwest flight with the exploded engine trained for this very scenario so much they should have been able to handle it with their eyes closed. It was the flight attendants who would have been unprepared for what happened. Read Southwest 1380: Think about the flight attendants

Camera reviews and experience reports:


3 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Heide says:

    Another great lineup, Jim — but Ming Thein’s piece especially hit me between the eyes, after spending my week arguing with a feisty and excessively inquisitive art director. I had labeled her “difficult,” but am rethinking that label as “pushing the envelope.” And Philip Greenspun’s piece! WOW. That one deserves a wide audience! Thank you so much for sharing it here.

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