Minton-Capehart Federal Building, Indianapolis

Brutalist pathway
Pentax ME, 35mm f/2.8 SMC Pentax-A
Agfa APX 100 (expired 7/1998)

I’m no fan of Brutalist architecture. It has the grace of Soviet design and the class of a punch in the mouth. But of late I’ve grudgingly admitted that it is worthy of preservation.

Indianapolis has a fabulous example of the form: the hulking Minton-Capehart Federal Building. It’s Downtown. You need no directions — just drive around and you’ll find it. You can’t miss it.

This pathway leads to the building’s entrances.

Film Photography, Preservation

single frame: Brutalist pathway



6 thoughts on “single frame: Brutalist pathway

  1. Nancy Stewart says:

    I was not aware of the name of this type of design. I learned something new today. And you are right …. it has a very cold, hard look to it.

  2. Dan Cluley says:

    Brutslism is certainly not my favorite style, but I do think that at the time a drastic change was needed to move on from International style which was getting awfully boring by that point.

    The good examples of Brutalism have interesting details, which you have captured nicely here.

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