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My blog roundup returns after a one-week hiatus! Here are the posts I liked best this week.

Moni Smith bought some jeans. And a T-shirt. And, to some extent, the ability to feel good about herself. Read I want a pair of jeans that don’t make me feel bad about myself

I’ve followed NYC photographer Dave Beckerman‘s blog for some years now but only just learned that he’s suffered from Crohn’s disease for more than 30 years. He writes about his recent experience with the disease. Read My Life During the Last Two Years

Ken Levine writes about the time he was burned out — and how a new job was all it took to get his creative juices flowing again. Read The time I thought my career was over

Life sure can be disappointing. Fred Wilson says it’s just part of the human condition — but we should always look for the next thing to be excited about anyway. Read Expectation and Disappointment

This week’s camera reviews and experience reports:


2 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Moni Avatar

    I love your Saturday recommended reads posts and I’m honored to be one of them today. Thank you!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Happy to include your post this week!

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