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It’s a very difficult time for my family, as on Saturday evening our son Jeff’s wife Mariah died suddenly and unexpectedly. Mariah was just 25. Here are Jeff and Mariah on the day they told us they had eloped.


We saw Mariah for the last time on Easter Sunday. She came to our home, excited as we helped her figure out some key steps for her and Jeff’s future. All of Margaret’s kids got together briefly earlier in the day; here we all are. Aaron, Lain, me, Margaret, Jeff, Mariah, Zach, and Zach’s girlfriend Emma.


The blog will continue cheerfully for the next couple weeks as scheduled posts go live — but know we are devastated.

Goodbye Mariah Rawson! You and Jeff had a long, hard road ahead, but we believed in you.


35 responses to “Grieving Mariah”

  1. Jeff Bosie Avatar

    My deepest sympathies Jim…
    May you and your family find strength in the days ahead.

  2. Dan James Avatar

    Jim, deepest sympathy, one never knows what to say. Hope you can find the strength you all need right now. Best, Dan.

  3. Kosmo Foto Avatar

    Very, very sorry to read this Jim.

  4. J P Cavanaugh Avatar

    How awful! I will remember your family in prayer.

  5. happycamper (not anymore) (@lthappycamper) Avatar

    JIm I am so sorry for your loss.

  6. Martin Bruntnell Avatar
    Martin Bruntnell

    All my thoughts and prayers to you and especially your son and family God bless

  7. shoniessky Avatar

    My condolences.

  8. Joshua Fast Avatar
    Joshua Fast

    I am so very sorry Jim. You have my deepest sympathies.

  9. Reinhold Graf Avatar

    Jim, my thoughts are with you and your family.

  10. bodegabayf2 Avatar

    So sorry Jim. Thoughts and prayers.

  11. brickthomas Avatar

    Jim, I’m very sorry for you and your family.

  12. Kurt Ingham Avatar
    Kurt Ingham

    Really terrible news. We send out warmest sympathy – I hope it helps even a little

  13. Nemosfate Avatar

    As I’ve only recently found your blog I still offer my deepest sympathies and condolences.

  14. Create Space Avatar

    I am so sorry for your sad loss. I hope you all find strength in the family bond that’s so evident and beautiful in your photo.

  15. James Cockroft Avatar

    Deepest condolences, Jim. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care.

  16. Shirley Avatar

    This is terrible news. Condolences for your loss.

  17. slskene Avatar

    I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for awhile now. Just want to send my sympathies to you and your family.

  18. Christopher Smith. Avatar
    Christopher Smith.

    So sorry for your loss,so young. My Prayers are for you and your family.

  19. Nancy Stewart Avatar
    Nancy Stewart

    Two young people just starting out. So sad. I’m sorry.

  20. Nancy Herget Avatar
    Nancy Herget

    So sorry for your loss…..prayers for the family

  21. M.B. Henry Avatar

    I am so so sorry :( My prayers and thoughts for your family.

  22. windswept007 Avatar

    My condolences, I hope all the good memories surface to the top.

  23. conspicari Avatar

    So sorry to hear your sad news.

  24. Jim Grey Avatar

    Many thanks, all. These are hard, hard days.

  25. Photobooth Journal Avatar

    Oh no Jim. That is so sad. My condolences again. Kate.

  26. Mike Eckman Avatar
    Mike Eckman

    I am sorry for your loss Jim. I lost my best friend at 35 from brain cancer and I still miss him every day. :(

  27. SilverFox Avatar

    That is really awful. So sorry.

  28. Tom in Phoenix Avatar
    Tom in Phoenix

    Jim: Deepest sympathies to you, Jeff and your families. My best friend’s daughter in law passed on a year ago, also at 25.

  29. DougD Avatar

    Of all the people who didn’t need another disaster. Know that the CC prayer chain is working for you.

  30. Andrew Karlson Avatar
    Andrew Karlson

    Jim, you and your family are in my heart and on my mind at this most terrible of moments. May God guide and attend to you all on this journey of grief.

  31. Sam Avatar

    So sad Jim. So young. Feel for your family right now. My condolences.

  32. Janet Gause Avatar
    Janet Gause

    What an amazing photo. That is my daughter Emma with you. I cannot even imagine the pain you all are experiencing right now. I have to say that I think of all of you often as you continue to grieve the loss of Mariah. Please know that I pray for you daily and trust you will all find the strength to heal.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Janet, we all enjoy having Emma be a part of our family. We’re happy she and Zach found each other!

      It has been a crushingly difficult time for us all. Jeff grew up 10 years last week.

      1. Janet Gause Avatar
        Janet Gause

        Jim, Thank you for the very kind remarks. We are equally as happy that Emma and Zach have found each other. We just love him and how it has brought so much goodness in Emma. He is a remarkable young man.

        Every time I look at the pictures you posted here and read the many comments, it brings tears to my eyes. Our hearts are heavy when we think of what Jeff and all of you have been experiencing. My fiance’ lost his daughter at 29. The pain never truly leaves us, but the memories guide you to heal. Memories can never be taken from us.

        1. Jim Grey Avatar

          Thank you so much Janet. It is amazingly hard.

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