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As late as Thursday evening the Internet had coughed up but one post worthy of this not-so-vaunted digest. I was afraid I’d have to issue it a dire warning from this page to step up its game. But then on Friday two list-worthy posts appeared in my reader. The Internet is spared my wrath…for another week, at least.

Interested in instant photography but chased away by the low quality Polaroid Originals film and the toy-like Instax cameras? James Tocchio suggests you consider Lomography’s Lomo’Instant camera for square Instax film.
Read Lomography’s Lomo’Instant Square Is a Strong Choice for Instant Film Shooters

Even the nearly vacant strip mall where the Kmart used to be is architecturally interesting, says Kate WagnerRead Looking Around: All Buildings are Interesting

Cheap color film Agfa Vista 200 is no longer being produced, and possibly foreshadows its maker, Fujifilm, getting out of the film business entirely. Jeb Inge explains how even though we live in a time of new films being issued, Fujifilm’s actions are a bad deal for film photography. Read Agfa Vista Was More Than Just Another Color Film And Its Death Is Troubling – Opinion

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