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This week’s Best Blog Posts, a bumper crop, assembled here for you:

I’m not what you’d call a “man’s man” — I march to the beat of my own masculinity. But I can get behind James Tocchio: every man should own a film camera. (After he wrote it, he revised it to every person. For gender inclusivity, I assume.) Read Why Everyone Should Own A Film Camera

Ohio River at Leavenworth, IN

Ohio River at Leavenworth, IN
Kodak EasyShare Z730 Zoom, 2007

When you feel stuck or unmotivated, it’s probably because you don’t know exactly what you want. So take Derek Sivers‘ advice and pin it down. Read Get Specific!

Enjoying a $10-per-month Spotify subscription? Nick Gerlich explains why that price won’t last. Brace for $20 or even $30 per month. Read Listen to the Music

Starting tomorrow, for the first time since Prohibition, you’ll be able to buy beer, wine, and spirits on Sunday in Indiana. Why did it take us so long? A powerful liquor-store lobby stood in the way. What broke the ice? A renegade convenience-store owner named Jay Ricker. Abdul Hakim-Shabazz tells the story. Read Thank Ricker’s for Sunday Sales

It’s been a snowy winter in Minnesota. Heide made some stunning photographs of her environment as the snow begins to melt. Her photos of the bare trees with snow in the branches, against deep blue skies, are stunning. Read Snapshots from the Big Thaw

The Filmosaur says that, thanks to the mobile phone camera, it’s become a wide-angle world. And he thinks that’s a poverty, as a normal lens creates a much more realistic view. Read Wide Angle World

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5 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Heide says:

    By my definition, you are definitely a “man’s man,” Jim: You know who you are and have the confidence to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to impose a fake, manufactured image of what it means to be a “real” man. So, yay for marching to the beat of your own masculinity! Yay also for another round of interesting and thought provoking reads. (I am so honored to be among them — thank you!) This week, Derek Sivers’ piece on being more specific resonated especially because it’s something I’ve been struggling with in setting my own goals. But it’s interesting to read also about Indiana’s decision to abandon its “Sunday temperance” laws, as we recently did in Minnesota. I’ll be curious to see whether it ends up being as big a non-event for your state as it was for ours. Happy Saturday, and cheers from this enthusiastic Roadie!

    • I tried to be what the world thinks a man is, and it was like wearing an ill-fitting suit: uncomfortable for me and obvious to everyone else. Bleh. Forget it. I’ll be me.

      • Heide says:

        What a marvelous description, Jim — “ill-fitting suit.” I’m glad you realized that, because you’re the best Jim Grey I know. :)

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