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Welcome, Roadies, to another Saturday roundup of Good Blog Posts™.

Aaron Renn cites L.L. Bean’s cancellation of its forever guarantee as evidence that American society is becoming low trust. He asks us to keep an eye on it, because America was formerly a high-trust society and that was key to our success. Read The Rise of the Low Trust Society

Where Heide lives, it’s been one mighty snowy winter. She shares some really great photographs of her environment, and tells some stories of the weather and the people. Read ‘Snow problem

Chevrolet’s Chevette was out of date upon its 1976 introduction, but somehow it kept finding buyers for a whopping 11 years. Writing for Curbside Classic, Eric703 tells its fascinating story — including how it was made all over the world, essentially making it the first “world car” sold in the US. Read Curbside Classic: 1977 Chevrolet Chevette — An Econobox for Garden-Variety Americans

On Monday I’ll share a post with some photos I made with my iPhone at a concert. Nick Gerlich writes about how more bands and venues are banning phones at shows, and why. Read Enjoy The Show

This week’s camera reviews and experience reports:


7 thoughts on “Recommended reading

      • Ok thanks Jim. I haven’t used Tumblr for years. There are other blogs like that, like squarespace is it? You can comment as a guest but then there’s no way to get follow up notifications if someone comments further. WordPress is much more logical!

        • Yeah, I kind of wish everybody were in the WordPress ecosystem. I follow a couple Squarespace and Blogger blogs and would like to have easy notification when my comments get a response!

        • Ha ha don’t even mention Blogger! It baffles me that Google lead the way in so many things but their blog platform has been stuck in about 2003 since about, well, 2003!

  1. DougD says:

    Totally agree on the trust article. I love LL Bean, despite the high shipping charges & duties to get them to my house. Shirts that have sleeves that make it all the way to the end of my arms and don’t need ironing? I’m in.

    Never sent anything back either, despite wearing some out.

    Ever been told you’re stupid for NOT doing something like that? I have several times. :(

    • It’s just wrong to use a forever guarantee as a way of replacing a legitimately used-up item. Period.

      My only return to LL Bean was a pair of boots where the sole split on one after about 18 months of wear. I expected better.

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