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Just one post to share this week, and it’s a doozy: a man with a 20-year-old blog reflects in an interview on the state of blogging. As Laura Hazard Owen shares on the NiemanLab blog, Jason Kottke probably wouldn’t start a blog today if he didn’t already have one. And he feels like a vaudevillian after everyone had moved on to movies and television. Read Last blog standing, “last guy dancing”: How Jason Kottke is thinking about at 20

This week’s camera reviews and experience reports:


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  1. Heide Avatar

    Your single pick this week is indeed a doozy, Jim — in the best sense of the word. There’s much to think about there about why we blog, whether it’s worth continuing, whether there’s a social responsibility component to it … and many more questions I’ve been pondering of late. It’s reassuring to see that even the “big dogs” are having these existential struggles.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      As for me, as long as people keep reading and commenting, I’ll keep blogging. I’ve had to do some serious thinking lately about whether to vlog or podcast, things I’ve avoided. I don’t know how you do a “here’s my photography” blog that way though.

      1. Heide Avatar

        I suppose you could launch the world’s first photo-descriptive podcast (“… this next one shows the beautiful curve of the fin on an old Chevrolet I saw at the car show …”). But blogging does seem like a better-adapted medium to what you do.

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