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So: is 2018 treating you all right, six days in? If it’s not, I’ll send a squad of goons to beat it up for you. While you wait, read this week’s best blog posts.

It is no longer clear that software is an unambiguously good thing. So writes software developer Jeff Atwood, who makes a strong argument that the software we’ve built is not being used for good — especially the social-media software you use every day. He encourages us to change that. Read To Serve Man, with Software

Speaking of software, Abe Fettig is building a phone app that can scan film negatives. I’m in the beta testing program (though time has not permitted me to actually, you know, test). He wrote a post that describes the ups and downs of building this app and it is a model of common software project pitfalls. I’ve experienced the same kinds of challenges in my software-development work! Read The First 12 Months of FilmLab: 2017 Year in Review

Still speaking of software, blockchain technology is flat out amazing, and a massive jump forward in technology. But its current main use is as the basis of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Mr. Money Mustache says cryptocurrencies are nothing more than ridiculous speculation and you would be better off forgetting them and enjoying the life you already have instead. Read Why Bitcoin is Stupid

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