2017’s greatest hits

It’s my tradition at year’s end to review the most visited, commented, and liked posts I published all year. It always surprises me which posts get the most attention.

Garrett at rest

But as usual, none of my personal favorite posts made the cut. So here are what I think are my five best posts of 2017. I hope you’ll have another look at them; I really put my heart into them.

Thanks largely to having been widely shared around the Internet, these posts were most read this year:

You had the most to say (in the comments) about these posts:

These posts found people’s itchy Like-clicking finger most often:


9 thoughts on “2017’s greatest hits

  1. Heide says:

    I have long admired how disciplined and prolific you are, Jim — but also the consistent excellence of your content. Thank you for compiling this list so I can catch up on the posts I missed. Happy new year to you and yours!

  2. Jim this is an excellent idea. This time last year I hadn’t really enough blog views to make these kind of comparisons, but after a great 2017 for photography and blogging I plan to do a similar thing.

    It’s like the gear posts on Flickr isn’t it, they seem to get the most views by far, while the photographs we feel are our personal favourites and best work go largely ignored!

    • Dan, I love “best of” and “roundup” posts at the end of the year because I’m usually super busy and need a break. These posts are pretty fast and easy to write. I actually wrote this one in early December. There’s an off chance some of the rankings changed in the three weeks between scheduling and going live, but whatever, I don’t care, this is good enough.

      Just for amusement’s sake, here’s my first ever annual Greatest Hits post, from 2009. WordPress hadn’t added the Like button yet, so it’s just visits and comments, plus my five favorites. This blog was not primarily about photography then.

      • I was planning some kind of end of year post, and yours gave me a great way of structuring, so thanks for that.

        Interesting how your older posts (from 2009) seems to talk about God and faith more. I haven’t seen so much of that this year, not that I recall anyway.

        I’m not a church goer myself (well, only when they’re empty!) but do have a strong interest in the spiritual and faith side of things, and it’s good to read any blog with a little more depth than just gear talk.

        • I’m curious about what made you want a blog in the first place. For me with 35hunter (though I’ve had blogs before) it was all about writing about my photography journey. What was your original intention?

        • I think I’ve read that post before Jim, but a while ago. Good to read again and see how you started and evolved.

          It’s also a reminder that if we keep going with a regular schedule of posting good quality content (and pictures!), we will find our readership grow. I certainly found that in 2017, helped by a healthy boost when you republished your film photography blogs post and kindly feature me amongst many others.

          Happy 2018, maybe we both continue to grow and enjoy the journey!

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