Kodak Retina IIa

Canon PowerShot S95

Working on a personal project I had reason to search through my whole photo archive. It led me to find a bunch of photos I never uploaded to Flickr, an oversight I corrected. This was one of those photos.

This is the lens of my Kodak Retina IIa, which I reviewed here.


single frame: Retina-Xenon



7 thoughts on “single frame: Retina-Xenon

  1. Andy Umbo says:

    Just so many small, good to excellent German and Japanese rangefinders post WWII until about 1975! I wish I had my high-school sweet-hearts Minolta 11.

    • Nice to hear from you! Miss your writing. I admire the Lomography people for what they are doing but admit to being pushed away by what they charge for their gear.

      • It would be nice if the equipment had a friendlier entry price. Same thing has happened with vinyl and turntables. Analog has been discovered by people who grew up digital – and re-designed to appeal to them. Thanks for the kind words about my writing. I always like to read your posts – 😊

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