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Some day I’d like to skydive. Here comes the ground, ready or not; hope the parachute works! Well, that’s how I feel about the coming of Christmas this year. Here it comes, ready or not! Meanwhile, I keep reading blogs. Here are the posts I liked most this week.

What’s your dream job? Ken Levine‘s is being a panelist on a 1950s-60s game show. Now that he mentions it, that might be my dream job too! Read Jobs I wish I had

Here’s more from Johanna Rothman about building healthy corporate cultures, ones that are most likely to avoid the kind of behavior that makes headlines. Read Build Respect in Organizations, Not Families, Part 2 and Build Respect in Organizations, Not Families, Part 3

On the occasion of his blog’s 25,000th post, Mark Evanier tells how to write a blog that reaches 25,000 posts. Read Post #25,000

This week’s camera reviews and experience reports:


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