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Jesus loves you
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Driving along Indiana’s back highways — and, I feel sure, back highways across much of the Midwestern United States — it’s common to pass signs much like this one, nailed to utility poles and trees.

I’ve always doubted that such religious sloganeering materially helps convert anyone to the faith. Especially the signs that say things like “Hell is Real” or “Repent Sinner” — such signs are sure to repel people.

At least this sign has a friendly message.


single frame: Jesus loves you



8 thoughts on “single frame: Jesus loves you

  1. “I’ve always doubted that such religious sloganeering materially helps convert anyone to the faith.”

    Then how about this (for our shared faith in God and mutual respect for Jesus):

    “Jesus loves you,
    That’s a fact.
    So don’t just sit there,
    You’ve got to act!
    Burma Shave”

    Is that too dated for you to recognize? Maybe it is. It predates freeways.

  2. DougD says:

    Yup, preachy & judgmental ain’t getting anybody these days. There is hope for positive and cheerful though.
    On our 1997 honeymoon in Costa Rica there were delightfully colorful hand stencilled signs, the gist of which was Christ is the answer. Sadly didn’t see any two years ago, but I’ll look again in March :)

    • Feeling curmudgeonly this morning. I’ve never understood “Christ is the answer.” Then what is the question? The older I get, the crankier I am about religious sloganeering. Just go out and love people directly, and through that they will meet Christ!

  3. For a good part of the 1990s I had reason to make a near-weekly trek across some backroads in northcentral Ohio. On eastbound state route 603, just west of Olivesburg was a nicely painted roadside sign, “Jesus Saves…..Moses Invests.”
    Funny thing is, that area was home to a Mennonite settlement and on the border of Ohio Amish country. Wouldn’t have expected that sign in that location….

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