Ohio Theater

Ohio Theater
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I made this photo on an impromptu road trip early in 2008, one I took to help me recover from a particularly stressful time. I drove the two 1830s roads that connected Indianapolis to the Ohio River at Madison: the Madison State Road (to Madison) and the Michigan Road (back to Indianapolis). It was my first trip along both roads.

I’d never been to Madison before and I was blown away by how lovely it was. The streets of the old city were lined with very old homes and commercial buildings, some of the oldest I’ve seen anywhere in Indiana — and most of them had been either well maintained or restored.

Built in 1938, the Ohio Theater is a young building on Madison’s historic main street. On the day I visited it still showed first-run movies. But in 2016 the theater’s owners lost the building in foreclosure, and ownership passed to a nonprofit which occasionally shows old films and recently got a grant to determine what it would take to renovate this building.


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  1. Zimmette Avatar

    The Ohio Theater was the site of my first date with my first love as a student at nearby Hanover College in the 70’s. The movie was a re-release of “Gone With The Wind”. Much appreciative of your sharing this photo. And nice addition of the horse-drawn carriage! Thanks for the memory.

    And if you’ve never been on Hanover’s campus with its breathtaking view of the Ohio River, or taken a stroll among its classical buildings, that’s a must stop on one of your photo-journal journeys. Side trip: check out Hanover’s museum-quality collections in their Science Hall.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Oh that’s cool. I know Hanover College – they were in my alma mater’s athletic conference in the 80s. I went to Rose-Hulman.

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