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Only 23 shopping days left ’til Christmas! But don’t go shopping. Instead, read these blog posts from around the ‘Net this week.

A story of a photograph, which started with crossing over into the US from Canada and losing a credit card in Ann Arbor. Katie Sadie, writing for Physical Grain, tells the tale. Read Cinema 8

Niall O’Donnell considers directionality in the English language, and how “before” originally referred to position, not time. Read Is this a Dagger which I see before me?

It’s been a minor theme of Aaron Renn‘s blog lately: consolidation of American industries is holding America back. It was also a theme of an economic conference he attended recently, and summarized on his blog. Read Restoring American Economic Dynamism

In a rare second appearance on this week’s list, Aaron Renn argues that it’s not the Internet service providers we should be worrying about in the net neutrality debate — indeed, they have some valid reasons to want to charge large users (i.e., Facebook, porn sites) more. What we should worry about, Renn argues, are the large users themselves. Read Yes, Net Neutrality Should Be Repealed

Mark O’Brien writes about the history and current state of color slide film, and shows why it’s still good stuff to shoot. Read I sure do love chromes, and you should, too!

This week’s camera reviews and experience reports:


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  1. Jim, thanks for the mention! The second roll, HP5, is nearly done in the Minox. The camera is growing on me each time I use it, though it continues to be a bit fiddly. I have found the drawbridge also acts as a good rain shield for the lens, which around here is a plus.

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