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Have you recovered from your turkey coma yet? (US readers only, of course.) Regardless, enjoy the blog posts I liked most this week.

When translating from one language to another, literal word-for-word translations usually lead to inaccurate, and sometimes amusing, results. Niall O’Donnell shows how this happened on a French shoe-shine kit. Read Literal Translation

Former radio personality Jane London implores us to distinguish the criminals from the assholes, and not to start a gender war, as we respond to the emerging reports of bad sexual behavior among men in visible and powerful positions. Read A Tipping Point

Can you make money driving for Uber? Most people forget how expensive it is to run their cars, says Mr. Money Mustache, who tried it. He found that after car expenses, profits really aren’t all that great. Read Mr. Money Mustache, Uber Driver

This week’s film-camera reviews and experience reports:


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