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First Saturday in November!

Did you know that Chicago, for a time, paved some of its streets in wood blocks? It’s like a brick road, except the bricks are made of wood. Susie Trexler found a few wood-block alleys left in the city and shares photos. Read Chicago’s Wood Alleys

If you wish you could be a better photographer, Dan James has some tips for you that you can implement today for immediate results. Read How To Stop Being So Disappointed With Your Photography

Mike Johnston asks us to stop thinking about image quality — a nebulous idea to be sure — and instead think about the properties we value in images. Read There is No Such Thing as Image Quality

Do you like coffee but won’t go as far as full-on coffee snobbery? Maybe you can be like Jim Cavanaugh and be just a half snob. Read You Too Can Learn To Be A Coffee Half-Snob

Film-camera reviews and experience reports:


6 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. tbm3fan says:

    Interesting reading the OM-1 review. Very much like reading someone who grew up with a 1985 F-250 and then trying out a 1965 F-250 with drum brakes and manual steering. I grew up on a manual Minolta SRT-101 with only a match needle in the viewfinder. Yet have to admit finding the speed controls on the front, as in my F2, is a bit different. As for the mercury battery all my Minoltas have had a diode soldered in by me as it is quite easy to do in them.

    • Yes! A great analogy there.

      I’ve never bothered to voltage-correct my cameras. I shoot print film 99.9% of the time. The exposure latitude makes up for any voltage differences.

      • That is true. I only have done that in two instances. One when the wire inside is corroded from a leaky mercury battery and I need to add new wire. Two, in my Minolta SRT collection since it is so easy in those particular cameras.

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