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Kind of a strange week in the blogosphere: it was late in the week before I found any articles I thought should be included here today. And the first one isn’t an article, it’s a comic strip.

The Oatmeal has humorously put his finger right on the problem Facebook has created for content creators. Read Reaching people on the Internet

Long before Subaru’s Outback, long before anybody had ever heard the term CUV, dorky old American Motors invented the genre. Writing for Curbside Classic, Eric703 tells the story of the four-wheel-drive American Motors Eagle wagon. Read Curbside Classic: 1986 American Motors Eagle Wagon – Ahead of the Times, and Behind the Times

Could Fujifilm soon be out of the film business? Michael Nguyen, writing for Japan Camera Hunter, thinks so. Read Film News: FujiFilm, the end is nigh

Aaron Renn questions pending FCC rules paving the way for greater consolidation in the broadcasting industry, and discusses how corporate consolidation in general has not been good for the country. Read Why Is the Trump Administration Promoting Further Economic and Media Centralization?

There was a bumper crop of film camera reviews and experience reports this week!


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  1. conspicari Avatar

    Great reading again, and thank you for the link through.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Always happy to share good stuff on your blog!

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