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Saturday morning and time for the best blog posts I read all week.

Susie Trexler shares some lovely front doors from all over Connecticut, photographed by Deb Cohen. Read Front Doors of Fall

Have you ever wondered about your home’s history, about the people who first inhabited it, about how it might have been furnished then? Kate Wagner did when she moved into a row house recently. She did a ton of research trying to find out. Read Looking Around: On Moving; or, The Story of a Little Old House

I read this post while taking a little break at work, and I failed to fully stifle the fit of giggles it gave me. Sorry to all my neighbors in my open-plan office! It’s a true story involving Jennifer Bowman‘s dog and, well, a skunk. Read Skunked

Sunshine and lots of things painted pink. Johnny Patience shares some lovely exposures of Boca Grande, a small village on Gasparilla Island in Florida. Read Boca Grande

Here are this week’s film-camera reviews and experience reports.


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  1. Always enjoy your recommendations. Thanks for including me and my collaboration with Deb at the Front Door Project! It was fun to pull together.

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