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Happy Saturday, and happy perusing of the blog posts I liked most this week!

In the articles-I-wish-I’d-written dept., James Tocchio, writing for Casual Photophile, gives a bunch of valuable tips to help beginning film photographers deliver results better than their budding skills. Read How to Cheat at Film Photography

Ann Althouse shares an ad for the new Toyota Camry and how the company’s ad agency targeted different cultural groups differently. This may be the car for everyone, but it’s not marketed the same to you as to someone else. Read Race-targeted ads for Toyota Camry – don’t miss the one that’s for white people

I love to photograph what I find by the side of the road. Leticia Roncero, writing for the Flickr blog, tells of a photographer who finds meaning in photographing everyday city scenes, especially unattractive ones, in the UK. Read What Places Tell Us About People

This week’s film-camera reviews and experience reports:


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  1. Heide Avatar

    What the dickens, Toyota?! This ill-fated campaign is right up there with Dove making their product bottles into various shapes to “celebrate” the human form. We’d all be better off if we focused on our human commonalities — such as taking care of our loved ones — rather than on our differences. On a less face-palmy note, thank you for the great photography reads, each of which is inspiring in its own way.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Down the Road: Sharing face-palmy notes since 2007! :-)

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