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Happy Saturday, Roadies! Here’s a bumper crop of great blog posts from the week.

When the media hypes every story, how do you know which stories matter? That’s the question Philip Greenspun asks. Read General hysteria from the media makes it tough to pay attention to real issues?

When a conservative commentator writes that he wants the Dreamers to stay, it gets my attention. That’s just what conservative commentator Abdul Hakim-Shabazz wrote this week. Read Dream A Little DREAMER Of Me

Have any old film rolls or single-use cameras lying around? Joe Irvin urges you to get them processed! He did that recently and found some memories of a childhood home. Read The power of the latent image

“Civilization doesn’t exist to maximize capitalism,” Seth Godin insists. “Capitalism exists to maximize civilizaiton.” Read Unbridled

When the McMansion Hell blog isn’t gleefully pointing out the absurdity of modern large-home architecture, it educates on architecture, space, and place. This week, Kate Wagner writes about suburban sprawl under the guise of residential horizontalization. Read Looking Around: Horizontal Space

Jim Cavanaugh, who’s never smoked anything stronger than a cigar, recounts how he once got to participate on the wrong side of a drug bust. Read How To Get Invited To A Drug Bust

Film-camera reviews and experience reports:


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  1. I liked Abdul’s take on the issue. I don’t find conservatives in favor of reasonable immigration to be such a rarity. The WSJ’s editorial page has seen immigration as a good thing for as long as I can remember.

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