Butterfly bush

Butterfly bush branch
Pentax K10D, 50mm f/2 SMC Pentax-M

Photo blogger Dan James has long sung the praises of his digital Pentax K10D SLR as a way to shoot his vintage Pentax lenses. This is an older DSLR, introduced in 2006. I found one used for a good price and bought it.

I’ve only just started experimenting with it, but I was able to make good images right away. There are a couple menu settings to set right, and a couple extra steps to take with each frame. But these cameras are made to take even the oldest K-mount lenses. And with an adapter (which I haven’t bought yet), they’ll work well with the older screw-mount Takumar lenses, too. I really want to put my 35mm f/3.5 SMC Takumar on this camera!


single frame: Butterfly bush branch



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  1. Dan Cluley says:

    I will be interested to see what your thoughts are on this as you go along.

    I have a K-x which is a couple of years newer than the K10d. I bought it last winter with the idea that I would only need a body since I already had an assortment of K mount lenses. Quickly missing the convenience of the autofocus & zoom from my point & shoot digital I did pick up a modern 18-55 which gets used most of the time.

    I do find that my primes are great for night shooting when the extra f stops come in handy, and my 200mm has a lot more reach than the P&S zoom.

    Overall I really like it, and have probably shot twice as much this year.

    • FWIW I got my K10D body for about $100, and if I don’t like it I could sell it for that, so except for shipping this would be a zero-sum game. That’s how I justified this experiment to myself, at any rate!

  2. I have a bunch of M42 Takumar lenses but only a handfull of K mounts.Nonetheless, when I decided I would buy one very good used digital SLR it was going to be Minolta. Minolta was my first real camera back in 1971 and I am very attached to them. My Minolta collection is extensive. Since I had a bunch of A mount lenses for the Maxxum 7000 I could use them on a digital. Took several years to find a nice body Maxxum 7D which cost around $225.

    Not a ton of megapixels but it was very expensive in it’s days and apparently well thought of and then Minolta left the field. Reading the manual was like studying for an organic chem final compared to older manuals. I don’t use it as much so I have to refresh my memory in some of the menu button locations. The older auto focus Minolta lenses are great lenses to begin with. Minolta flash guns had bad reps so I found an NOS Metz flash which works well but you will do it in manual which is fine with me.

    I last used it here on a FM2 Wildcat. As you will note my screen name of tbm3fan relates to the TBM3E Avenger which I had the chance to restore in 1999-2003 as I am a big Navy fan.

    • I considered buying a Sony body to go with the passel of alpha-mount lenses from the various Maxxums I’ve owned. But I decided to get out of the Minolta world, except for the old all-mechanical, all-manual stuff, because I had so much trouble with failing bodies. In the end I think I’m solidifying around Pentax and Nikon as my two platforms. I will probably keep my Minolta SR-T 101 and a Canon FD-mount body just for kicks but that will be that.

      Nice work on that plane, both the resto and the photos!

  3. Christopher Smith says:

    I use a Pentax K-x (digital) with M42 adapter for all my M42 glass make sure when you buy an adapter you get one that will focus to infinity.

    • I gather the original Pentax adapters allow it, and that off-brand adapters offer the risk of getting stuck on the camera. So I’m looking for an original Pentax adapter.

  4. Very nice. :)

    Also, I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. If you want to participate, awesome. If not, I still think you and your blog are awesome. (I know these things can come off as a bit spammy, but I genuinely enjoy seeing your posts and wanted to give you a shout out.)

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