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Greetings from Zionsville, Indiana! Enjoy the blog posts I liked most this week.

Nikon made a major marketing blunder recently as they introduced a new DSLR to market. Nick Gerlich, professor of marketing at West Texas A&M University, breaks down how in this world of instant worldwide social commentary, every company is under an unforgiving microscope. Read The Camera Never Blinks

The wonderful Peeling Walls blog, which shares photos from abandoned places, explores the Michigan Theater in Detroit. I’m sure you’ve seen photos of it before, but this time you’ll see some images from hidden places in the theater. Read Detroit: Behind the Boards at the Michigan Theater

Eric Swanger praises the imperfect photograph. Read We Saw Names

This week’s film camera reviews and experience reports:


4 thoughts on “Recommended reading

  1. Speaking of abandoned places. One could also put ships in that category. For years I was able to go aboard these mothballed ships to look for parts for the USS Hornet. Naturally I had my digital point and shoot with me as I wandered the ships. Some had power and others were pitch black inside. On a few occasions a photographer, who worked on the Hornet for a production company, would ask to come along.

    She and a few of her fellow photographer friends liked to shoot abandoned places. Later on those two friends paddled out to the ships and boarded in the middle of the night for a weekend stay. They posted their photos on a web site and it wasn’t long before the Navy Department and FBI got wind of their illegal boarding which forced the Hornet off the ships for a year. Thought we were to blame yet actually got their idea from the photographer we brought along. You can see her shots here on her site

  2. DougD says:

    Hey greetings from Zionsville sounds different. May it be a happy place until you figure out what to do next.

    In the meanwhile we still have greetings from Dundas, no plans to move. You should go on international assignment and shoot a roll here.

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