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Here are the blog posts I enjoyed most this week.

John Smith writes a paean to the Pentax Spotmatic, a fine all-mechanical 35mm SLR. Read Simple Joy

Good logos are hard to design. Aaron Renn praises one that the founder of a craft distillery in Indiana created for goods made in Indiana. Check it out here. Read Best “Made in Indiana” Logo Ever

Nathan Kontny encourages you to just keep making what you make. You probably suck at telling what’s good and what’s not. But if you make less, you’ll make less of what’s good. So make more. Read Peaked?

A classic roadster, funny hats, and a hand gesture are what made this photo stand out for Mike Johnston. It’s by Ruth Orkin, who he profiles briefly. Read Random Excellence: Ruth Orkin

Mike Connealy made some street shots of New York City’s Chinatown in the 1960s, and shares some of them on his blog this week. They’re well seen and well composed. Read Redoing the Past

I’m a tightwad and I have some anti-Leica prejudice (as I explained here). But Steve Karsten, writing for Japan Camera Hunter, explains when it’s important to open the wallet and get over petty prejudices. Read Lessons in Life (or Searching for the Right Rangefinder)

Film-camera reviews and experience reports:


4 responses to “Recommended reading”

  1. Heide Avatar

    I agree with Aaron Renn that the “Made in Indiana” logo is genius. And Mike Connealy’s photos? ASTOUNDING. Thank you for another wonderful collection of interesting things to see and read, Jim.

  2. Joshua Fast Avatar
    Joshua Fast

    I understand the Leica prejudices. I vowed i would never get one, they were overpriced and over hyped. I now have 3 of them, M2, IIIf and a CL. I would sell every camera i own before i sell my M2. It has the build and feel of a fine watch and is very satisfying to shoot. The glass is unlike anything i’ve ever used, it really is something you have to experience to appreciate. The price is daunting but if anything they increase in value monthly, it’s an investment you will not lose money on.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      See, now, I’m 100% happy for anyone who uses any camera because they love it. Love any camera you want and you will have my full support! Where my prejudice kicks in is when high-end anything owners look down on people who don’t belong to their exclusive club.

      1. Joshua Fast Avatar
        Joshua Fast

        Unfortunately that is so very true. My favorite example is when you choose to use 3rd party lenses on a Leica body. That causes a stir among the Leica fanatics. Only in the Leica community do you find using a Zeiss lens a sin. Use Voigtlander lenses? You may as well throw the whole package in the garbage rather than deal with their inferiority. If you shoot a Leica, you should be using a Summicron, Summilux, Noctilux, etc. I own one Leica branded lens and while it is very high quality, it is my least favorite lens. My favorite lens is a 50mm Nikkor 1.4 Sonnar, the same lens that is featured in the Leica M4-2 review you have linked above.

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